Instructional Coaching  with Reluctant Teachers
Online Seminar featuring Pat Quinn!

Welcome to the Online Version of the seminar "Instructional Coaching with Reluctant Teachers" featuring Pat Quinn!

About the Seminar

This seminar is designed to improve schools by making change easier for teachers.  The seminar is designed for instructional coaches, administrators, mentors, department heads, lead teachers and others who are involved in the process of helping teachers improve.  Change is difficult for many teachers and this seminar will help you make the process of changing easier for the teachers you work with.

About the Videos

The seminar contains three sessions.  Each session is broken into smaller parts for easier viewing.  Use the time between videos to discuss and process the information.  

Here is a list of the videos contained in each session:

Session 1

Part 1A - Introduction to the Seminar

Part 1B - Three Barriers to Change

Part 1C - Four Strategies that Work with Reluctant Teachers

Part 1D - Two Types of Teachers and Timing your Change

Session 2

Part 2A - Four More Strategies that Work

Part 2B - A Three-Step Process for Successful Change

Part 2C - Examples of the Three-Step Process in Action

Part 2D - Love Languages

Session 3

Part 3A - Four Areas of Change to Increase Learning

Part 3B - Technology Tools for Instructional Coaches

Part 3C - Final Thoughts

This seminar is only for participants who have purchased access.  The videos are not to be shared, downloaded, posted, or used by anyone who has not purchased access to this seminar.